Virginia Tech and One Life

My prayer on 4.16,
Father, as I think of this tragic day I think of the impact a single life can have. One person impacted 32 with death, and the repercussions from that on many lives… pain, anguish, questioning, anger, bitterness… redemption for some, a drawing closer to loved ones and to You for others… Father, the impact that one person had because he chose hatred and rage… and those he immediately struck can speak no more. What if I choose to love just as fiercely and passionately? What if I ask You to allow me to impact at least 32 people, 32 lives that will speak? Father, I know it is possible. And I also know that it is Your will that we overcome evil with good. So I ask, let each of the 32 that I touch in turn touch others with love and especially with Life. May my life be a carrier of Life. We pray for Life to rise up, for Life to emerge out of this situation. Forgive me, dearest Lord, dearest Father, because I often forget the powerful impact of one life radiating your Life. And Father, I won’t pray, “may they not have died in vain” – I will state, “They did not die in vain.”
“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”
Romans 12:21

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