Uganda – first days

We arrived in Kampala airport an hour an a half late; we’d departed London late due to the lovely bad weather! As we waited to buy our visas and go through customs, I was struck by the variety of people entering the country along with us… at least four groups, all Christian, there to to do humanitarian aid. At least a couple to work with and support orphanages, one to work with a school for the blind… and I thought once again, “This is why I love the Church!!” So much criticism (some for good reason) of believers, but when you are in places like this, and you see so many people joyfully enduring very uncomfortable conditions out of love for their Ugandan brethren, it is very encouraging.
Day one – after checking in at our guest house, we rested a while and then went to the Wakiso school, where the children presented a program for us. It was priceless, complete with song and dance…. in a completely run down and poverty stricken school. A school with almost no supplies, books, etc.
That evening we went to the Wakiso Boys Brigade home. It is a small home where a grandmother and her family live, and in the back, in a small room, live 15 boys who used to be on the street. They have four bunkbeds and they sleep two to an individual bed. They play musical instruments at weddings and such, and in this way make a meager living. Most of them pay for their own school fees this way. They put on a fantastic presentation for us, in the small dirty courtyard in front of their house, with their band. Four of them did all kinds of fantastic acrobatics for us as well, on the uneven mud floor, as the band played and goats and chickens scratched nearby. Two lazy dogs slept through the whole thing. The boys kept us breathless and praying, because as they stood on each other’s shoulders, the top boy would be about two feet from the wire carrying electricity into the house. Jesus sat with us in that courtyard, and He was blessed.
I will post more when I get a chance. Our internet access is touch and go.
Many blessings to you all…

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