Day Two – morning noon and night

I won’t be doing a play by play for each day since the internet time is so limited. We’ll see how much we can manage to post for now…

Morning – The church building is a simple but effective structure of raw plank 3/4 walls, a zinc roof, uneven red mud floor and an assortment of benches. The women came in for our meeting “slowly by slowly” as they say here… We had about 15 women for the leadership training. Many couldn’t come because the meeting was in the morning, and they work. Some work in the school, some are “diggers” (farmers). We had a rich time with those that were there – sharing with them the characteristics of godly leader (such as trustworthiness, being teacheable, etc.). They asked thoughtful questions – relating to marriage and other topics very relevant and pressing for them (“how do I stop fighting with my husband? why do I always want to win the argument?”).

After the meeting our team leader delivered some sandwiches to us (the team was spread out between the school and the church). Then it was time for the jewelry making workshop. The other team members continued at the school, teaching in various classes and meeting with administrators etc.

Afternoon – My daughter Linda led the jewelry workshop. It seemed a bit chaotic at first, because there were several unexpected guests… Many people wanted to participate who did not necessarily qualify (like some dear older ladies who couldn’t see very well!). But as usual, it all sorted out and was a great blessing. Linda was to lead the workshop for four more afternoons. The main purpose was to train the 12 girls who live in the Restoration House nearby. These girls live there because there is nowhere else for them. They have been abused (like when a male guardian demands sex in exchange for paying school fees, or worse) or abandoned, etc. They are the most amazing group of young ladies. They will be able to sell Linda their jewelry (some have proven to have real potential) and she will resell it in the States.

In Uganda, adolescent girls are among the most vulnerable. This training will help them to have a source of income and a door of opportunity to escape the cycle of destitution. Linda is creating a small “crafting society.”

Evening – Wakiso Boys Brigade. The Brigade is an organization that has small bands (literally) of boys that play in weddings, etc. This gives them some income. Many of them come from very poor background. 6 of the boys from the Brigade have been selected to receive the jewelry making training. They are highly motivated and already have some skills. Linda began their training and they picked it up quickly, which was very encouraging. It is especially gratifying that one of them seems ready to take some leadership in that area.

It was an excellent time in that little back courtyard… We had to stop at dusk because of the light situation. While we met in the back, about 40 boys crowded around our make team leader as he taught them the basics of sex education! From what we hear there were some very interesting questions – some totally off the wall, and some relevant! The ignorance is huge.

A revealing fact is that when Mark asked them what the first thing that came to their minds when the heard the word “woman” – they said “prostitute.” So far to go… but they are making good progress. Some of them even quote the Bible (“go forth and multiply”) as an excuse to have unfettered sex!

We left and headed to a mall area for dinner and then another night under the net!!

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