On the way to Kabale

Okay dear friends, now it is Friday morning and we are waiting for our bus which is two hours late (this is Africa).
The week has been excellent. As Melissa put it, emotionally draining. The needs can be overwhelming.

Melissa spent the week teaching in various classes at the school. She also met with several groups of older girl students. They spoke very openly about sexuality, std’s, the fact that they feel very pressured to give sex (this turned out to be a big issue, as they say they are kicked or otherwise hurt if they say no) to boys. They opened up to her about a lot of things. I am so very proud of her.

Linda’s workshops with the girls and the boys were a huge success. They really have some potential. It is so much more than a business – it is hope and a way out. At the same time, it is a business, and she will be making them some micro-loans to help them get started. They will repay regularly, slowly by slowly, as they sell her product (she will withhold the payments from what she owes them). They are overwhelmingly grateful.

Margaret and I spent lots of time with the women. Again, they are so very thirsty for practical teaching. Others on the team helped the school with some bookkeeping basics, helped to paint the reading room, taught in classes and spent time with the administrators to help them get a handle on the huge challenge that is running a school under these conditions.

Now we head out to Kabale to work with an orphanage there. I don’t know when I will post again. I absolutely love Africa. The red dirt of Africa has made its way into my lungs and I have a persistent nagging cough. But I don’t mind. The precious people of Africa, my brothers and sisters, big and small here, have truly made their way into my heart. I can’t express my feelings…

Thanks to all for your prayers. We have felt them. The other day, the Restoration girls were all crowded around a table, working intently on their pieces. They started to sing sweet songs of their love for Jesus… I was almost paralyzed with awe as I recognized the Presence of our risen beloved Saviour… I felt Him so tangibly there, loving those girls, smiling at them and blessing them with hope and love… This is Africa, and this is a place He chooses to be.

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