Babies and drums and so much more

We arrived after a long and adventurous busride. At the end the local people were a bit frustrated with us, since we had so many bags on the bus…. and the bus was three hours late! They couldn’t wait for us to get off so they could continue to Rwanda.

We have been working in the town – Linda training more people with jewelry making, and Melissa observing in the pediatrics ward at the hospital. I had an impromptu story time with the ladies as they sat on the church floor and wove their baskets…. told them the story of Moses in the basket. It was great fun to see their faces as they realized (through somewhat questionble interpretation into their language) how smart Moses’s mother had been in the whole situation. They clapped for joy when they discovered she got to nurse her own son after all! Melissa has spent a lot of time just holding one baby named Blessing. She is actually 5 years old but looks like one year old. She is skin and bones and very ill with pneumonia. Now we understand why they call Aids here “slim” – she is HIV positive. Today she slept in Melissa’s arms for a long time.

In the evenings we have gone to the House of Hope home to visit with the children. So very very very thankful they are to have a home and a mother. It is only three months old – but has made tremendous progress. We have been playing games with them and just loving them, as well as teaching them in several areas.

Now I must run… my access is limited. Blessings to all that read this. Thank you for your prayers. Will write so much more when I get a chance.

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