Leaving Kabale and explaining the drums

The children came bursting out of their bedroom onto the courtyard of the House of Hope. The boys had stuffed their shirts with pillows to give themselves big bellies, and proceeded to clown around and dance hilariously for us. We had asked them to dance with us one more time just before we said goodbye, as tomorrow we take our six-hour busride back to the capital, Kampala. The night before we had all bonded under the night sky to such varied rhythms as calypso and the macarena! What a sight as we all danced and laughed. And how precious to see how the older children love and care for the younger – when they decided to show us how they dance calypso, they all called out for Isaac to be the star dancer. Isaac is the youngest at the House of Hope in Kabale. He is 7, and just four months or so ago he was severely malnourished and living on the streets. Now God has set him in a family. He has set them all in a family. Evas is the widow who is the housemother. She has three sons of her own, and now with all the children, in the wonderful house that God has provided, she has 16 children to look after. They are well organized in teams to do chores, etc., and all are very thankful for their new family.

Explaining the drums: the last post had “drums” in the title but I never mentioned the drums! While we were busy with training some adults in jewelry making at the church, many children were drawn to Melissa as to a magnet. We have noticed that many of the children here are very independent – not surprising since there is a whole generation of parents gone due to the Aids crisis… So often many of them appear to come out of nowhere. A bunch of them crowded around here in the church, then started to interact with her, and spontaneously started to sing songs for her…. then to dance. Then there were more. They took it upon themselves to grab a drum from the church, and some young boys started beating rhythms out on the drum (and very good at it, too!!). Then they all decided they needed more space, so they dragged Melissa along with plastic chairs out to the side of the church, formed a circle, and started to dance beautifully accompanied by the drum… Wow, it was precious. What a sight to see a little one and a half year old dragging a chair out all by himself, so determined…

So tomorrow we head back to the city, then Saturday fly out to London. We arrive in Florida on Tuesday. We appreciate your prayers!!

God is so good, and we are so privileged to be here…. More later!!!

One thought on “Leaving Kabale and explaining the drums

  1. I love you Barby. God has placed you in my life for a reason. I’m in tears as I type this to you. It is so evident that I lack the humility that you have for God’s creation and the Creator Himself. I know we are all wired differently…but that’s why He places us in the paths of others. Thank you for your sacrifices that you unselfishly make…to make a Kingdom difference.Hi to Melissa and Linda. What amazing kids. Wow! Be safe…hope to see you soon.Wendy


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