Care and Feeding of Fellow Humans

The two older women were obviously fast friends. As they walked through our favorite restaurant enroute to their seats, they were oblivious to the music and din. One leaned in toward the other, and the body language – hand on middle of back, attentiveness – clearly showed that she was offering an explanation and asking that the other accept it. The second friend communicated back (according to my finely-honed people watching interpretive skills!) that all was good in their friendship universe.

I see this ritual of people touching people, speaking and listening, repeated everywhere. In the mornings when children and parents walk to school and say goodbye at the gates. In the grocery store as friends or partners decide together on purchases. With my neighbors.

Yes, I know there are wars. And domestic abuse. And sorrow upon sorrow in many a life. I should know; I’ve been blessed to travel to twenty-something countries, and seen the underbelly in many of them.

But, despite all that – and despite so many people who believe we are all going to hell in a handbasket – I still believe that humans love humans, and many do their best to show it. This should be our daily focus: how do I encourage love?

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