Kick for Us

Hi Everyone. So I just spent more than an hour putting Ben and Faith to bed. Twice. Three times. Why?
They both had stuff on their minds!! Faith got up and told me she had “pain” and pointed to her chest… her way of expressing emotional discomfort. Ben was thinking about school and couldn’t sleep either. So I took turns with them as the comforter/pychologist/on-the-inside-pleading-help-I-don’t-have-a-clue-how-to-help-them mother.
Bottom line – Ben’s stuff easier to deal with.
Faith? Tears and sorrow, deep breathing and philosophical discussion because she’s afraid I will die.

I remember so clearly feeling the same way about my mother when I was a kid. Horrible uncontrollable panicky fear.

Made me think though.
Every life is so significant. I wonder, does everybody realize just how much potential they have? Any idea how important they actually are?

Just feel like stirring everybody up.
We live such self-absorbed lives. It’s okay to feel and need and want… We’re wired that way.

But we’re also wired especially well to give, to care for, to accompany!
So I wonder, what is each one doing to make life better for someone else who is really going through a tough time?

What about volunteering as a Big Brother or Big Sister for the kids who are living with struggling single parents or grandmas, caregivers plagued by guilt because they can’t take their kids to the park – they are too busy working to try to pay some of the bills?
Or volunteering in hospitals or hospices where there are people who are so lonely they can’t speak from the ache?
Or saving for a trip to some other place, to help those that are trapped in poverty, but at this moment are praying for some lifeline they can grab on to to pull themselves and their families out of despair?

There’s no good reason why not!!
Everybody can be the answer to someone’s prayer.
There is always someone who is hurting more than we are. Always.

And we know how they feel, don’t we? Haven’t we all had moments when a friend or a stranger blessed us in such a way that we started to feel hope again?

Or am I the only one that has experienced the loss and restoration of hope?
I don’t think so.
You know who you are.

Get off your butt.
Who me?
Yup, all us me’s.

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