Mercy and National Mistress Day

Eliot Spitzer (NY Gov who resigned) saw the hooker on February 13th… The news report said that February 13th is known as the unofficial National Mistress Day.

Which made me think of the wretchedness of the situation – what is so sad about the Spitzer case is that, in the end, it seemed he had no friends. Is it a case of “how you judge others is how you will be judged”?

I guess if you never show mercy to people, understand their weaknesses or have compassion (which is not the same as making excuses or enabling), then chances are you will not receive mercy when you need it most.

Because, guaranteed, we all need mercy at some point.

2 thoughts on “Mercy and National Mistress Day

  1. Wendy, I think you’re talking about Cramer, the crazy business guy. Yeah, he was really sad over the whole thing. You’re prob right about the birds… That plus a whole lot of folk actually seemed pleased that he got busted!


  2. Very true. Actually though, he did have one friend speak of him on one of the morning news channels. The friend was disappointed of course…but had great things to say as well.Sadly, I think the lack of friends coming out weren’t because he was being judged…I think he had friends that didn’t want to get busted as well. Birds of a feather…right?


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