Ben ran down the driveway toward the neighbor’s house. Time for school, gotta get the carpool buddies. He jolted to a halt halfway, eyes fixed on a forty foot palm tree, stopped his sister in her tracks, shushed me with a gesture, then froze.
An extravagant woodpecker was making his way up the trunk. I don’t know anything about birds, but by his impressive plummage I assumed he was mature. He was dressed like an African king, with a regal zebra pattern on his back and bright red headdress.
Several minutes passed, he pecked his way to the top of the tree, then in took off in a flurry. We pushed the play button on life again, gathered the human wildlife, and off to school in a noisy car… I live for these moments.

3 thoughts on “Wonderment

  1. Hey Wendy, what I didn’t tell y’all was that the snake peed (spelling?) on me!! That’s why I ran to wash my hands so quickly. :)Heather, thanks for the encouragement. I could write all day, if only the world understood that and ran without me!! Dumb laundry and bills.


  2. Very cool. I used to have a love hate relationship growing up with woodpeckers in Indiana. They are so cool to watch…but when they wake you up in the early morning…pecking on your home…not so cool!But I would take them any day over that snake you picked up at Tracey’s…Lol!Love you!Wendy


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