Friends and Visionaries

Do you have any friends from your past that you think of every now and then? People that shared special seasons in your life, yet you slowly lost contact?

I have some of those people. There are people I shared some of the most formational times in my life with… my friend in Chile that I met in modeling school (she’s now an academic, I’m a – whatever I am!)… my best friend on the ship, who was always so peaceful in my torment… my friend from youth group in Chile, who could sing beautifully and was so patient with my lack of singing ability! Or my friends I walked the streets of Belfast with, both sides of the line, doing outreach… or my other friend who gave me a favorite devotional (Daily Light) over twenty years ago, which I still read… or my first pastors, two of them, so different from each other yet forever shaping my faith… or friends from California, with whom I used to homeschool, or swap kids, or puzzle and/or despair over church politics…

So many are making such a difference in the world today! They run NGO’s focused on bettering the lives of the poorest of the poor. Some in India, Brazil, Cambodia, North Africa…

I’m not surprised – they made such a difference in my life. I am thrilled because I have recently renewed contact with many of them! Reconnecting has breathed fresh strength into my dreams today.

My advice to you? Dream your visions, and make sure you surround yourself with dreaming visionaries! Don’t have any in your life right now? Ask and you shall receive!

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