Hopeless Scary Hard

Certain people float my boat… I listened to a couple of them at the Leadership Summit.
Gary Haugen, founder of the International Justice Mission, is one such individual. The IJM deals with horrible issues of modern day slavery around the globe. He spoke of how we can feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the problems that afflict our world. He said, and I with imperfection repeat, (all credit to him):

· Hopeless – when you feel hopeless, re-center the basis of your hope. It is God Who is responsible for outcomes. Our job – give him all we are.
· Scary – the tasks He assigns us can be genuinely scary. But Jesus did not come to make us safe, He came to make us brave. We lead by reminding the people around us of this. We are to be liberated from the mediocrity of safe bets.
· Hard – effective leadership presses on no matter how hard the assignment. And He went into detail on choices leaders must make: choose not to be safe, choose to seek deep spiritual health, choose to seek excellence, and choose to seize joy.

His book is called Just Courage.

2 thoughts on “Hopeless Scary Hard

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