Men vs. women? Who "gets" it?

Do you believe in intuition? Do men have intuition? What is women’s intuition?

“This may be why women, admittedly a large generalization, tend to be more intuitive than men. Throughout history they have had to be far more sensitive to danger, exploitation, and power than men have had to be. So they have acquired an ability to see things that are often hidden to most men.” (Gordon McDonald)

But it’s not about men vs. women – there’s so much more to it:

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Men vs. women? Who "gets" it?

  1. Hey Ed! Thanks for stopping by here! The thing with intuition is -I do get quiet, I listen… and then rationalize, or interpret what I hear in the light of my own self-absorption – and that stops me from taking action. I wonder sometimes how many whispers from heaven I have convinced myself I didn’t hear!


  2. Barby,That’s a great article by Gordon McDonald. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. As Gordon suggests, I do think our intuitive ability is sharpened when we quiet ourselves before God and allow ourselves to be aligned with his Spirit. Sometimes I’m there. But most of the time, regrettably, I end up behaving like the pre-Acts Peter — too eager to fix problems on my own, unable to see things beyond their surface appearance, unwilling to slow down and listen for that still quiet voice.


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