One thought on “And You? (Mud P2)

  1. Fond memories too.The year was 1967 or 1968. Your Dad made his first film, about the whole gang from Targuá de Acosta –Baldomero, Emeterio, Toño, don Ildefonso and a couple of others –driving all the way to Limón when there was no road at all, only the train. At one point the jeep got really stuck in the mud (for real, not scripted), so everybody had to get out and push. Toño was at the wheel and your Dad was standing at the side filming the whole adventure. Don Ildefonso was a slight-built little guy, fiftyish, with a huge bushy mustache. He was pushing with all his might and suddenly fell flat on his face in the mud when the jeep finally got traction and started moving. Everybody was cracking up and your Dad was laughing so hard he missed the shot. So he made everybody go through the whole scene again, and don Ildefonso had to fall down again, because your Dad didn’t want to miss that shot for the movie! (I wasn’t actually there, but heard the story many times). Ah tiempos aquéllos…


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