Violence Against Christians in India

There is horrific violence being perpetrated against Christians in the state of Orissa, in India. This link may leave you gasping:

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2 thoughts on “Violence Against Christians in India

  1. Thanks Jamey! Yup, gotta lo-ove Braveheart. The whole-brave-hero-fighting-all-the-odds-and-even-when-he-loses-he-wins thing is inspiring! Blessings to you and Edwinna also.


  2. Hey Barby, thanks for the compliment! Edwinna and I have been married for 11 year now. Great site, and I noticed Braveheart as one of your favorite movies (FREEEEEEDOOOOOOOMM!!!!!!!!) – Oh sorry, I get so carried away with that movie. Looking forward to checking out your site in the future – blessings!


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