It’s a Secret…

Or is it a $ecret? This sign on a grassy street corner at a busy intersection in a non-descript part of town arrested my attention. It’s incongruous! The “Secret” is all about success attracting success, isn’t it? So why would a practitioner of this philosophy have to use a cheap cheesy sign to attract – wait, attract what? Buyers? Hmm. Could that be how the money rolls in?

I’m just asking…

Or do I just not get it?

2 thoughts on “It’s a Secret…

  1. yup, it really is a secret! 🙂 just not The secret. it’s a little bait and switch. its’s some guy who claims he has a business opportunity and will only choose a few… and if you’re really serious you leave him your number and he might call you. prob wants lots of your money.i did think about the free publicity they would get, but since the secret is already so marketed, and we even did a series by that name… my beef if more with the greed behind so much pseudo-spiritual stuff.AM – love ur input!!


  2. b, did you call the ph #? what’s the #, i’ll call! i call random stuff all the time outta curiousity.btw, gotta give them kudos cause they captured your attention and the many others who will read your post. unsual marketing tactics grab attention, negative or positive. if someone is talking about it, they have accomplished their goal.


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