First-time Turkey

In the last two days I have heard a whole lot about being thankful.

First-time Turkey
At a meeting last night, the guest speaker shared, among other things, about the plight of the Cuban people and how thankful we in CR ought to be for our abundance. Then today my mother and I hung out with her friends. This very cool group of ladies has been meeting together for over ten years, once a week, to support each other.

They had decided to cook an actual Thanksgiving meal. It was quite the exciting novelty production, since people here don’t normally cook whole turkeys! It was very entertaining, and the meal turned out delicious. They spoke about the spirit of thanksgiving, and the love and joy was abundant! Lots of laughter. So Thankful.

Broken sidewalks and stranded cab
We had quite the adventure getting home. It involved walking quite a bit, and a cab with a clutch that gave in and broke down. When we finally got home, I was so Thankful!

Freezing our tushes!
I also got to spend some time with my “little” brother (so he’s a foot taller than me! doesn’t mean a thing) and his wife. I really love them. I am extremely proud of all they are accomplishing. It was a rare treat to have a fire going and drink hot chocolate together! The weather here has been freezing (for Costa Rica)! Okay, I exaggerate. But it should be mid 70’s, and in fact feels like mid-50’s, with wind chill. For us that is COLD. Family plus warmth? Makes me so Thankful.

Don’t Miss It

Oreyo (Poodle Which Looks Like a Sheepdog) was taking us for an evening walk to the neighborhood ice cream place and java joint. We were not far from the house, enjoying the perfect weather in the twilight, when Peter reminded us that the shuttle launch was counting down in those very seconds. At the park by our home, we could see two people silhouetted in the dusk, standing and staring north.

Peter insisted they were looking out for the shuttle launch. He insisted we would be able to see it. I was skeptical. We were bantering about that when Ben unexpectedly shouted, “There it is!”

There it was! There was the shuttle, with explosive orange flames propelling it, rising from the northern horizon. It started low in the sky, the elongated burning pushing it higher. My mind immediately thought, “There are people in there! And they’re going to be over China or seeing a sunrise – or something – in an hour or two!!”

We were transfixed. Then the brilliance of the combustion started to weaken. We saw the booster rockets burn out and drop… and the shuttle rise! So fast, so far, so cool, so very – can’t I please go too?!

We didn’t miss it! We didn’t miss it, because our leader had been paying attention to life’s goings-ons that day. We didn’t miss it, because we were at the right place with the right information. We didn’t miss it, because we didn’t listen to me. We especially didn’t miss it, because Ben wasn’t caught up in the discussion – he had his eyes peeled wide open in the twilight, Looking.

God, please help us to Look. We don’t want to miss It.

What is it? It is different for each of us. For me, it is previews of eternity camouflaged in the mundane occurrences of our days. My eyes are wide open, and I’m Looking!

Strong Women Who Rock

A bit like tropical weather… We laugh together. We cry together. Often at the same time!
This group of women (and quite a few who couldn’t join us that day) is love in action. We have been together as a small group for over two years. The group morphs, as new ones join and others have to step out for a while due to life circumstances. Our backgrounds are diverse. It is quite a journey, and it is never boring!
Peter and I are also part of a mixed group. Besides that, I am blessed to belong to a ministry team of creative women!
Each of these groups has a special role in my life. We bless each other as we sojourn together.
Do you have someone to do life with? If not, what do you think gets in the way?