Strong Women Who Rock

A bit like tropical weather… We laugh together. We cry together. Often at the same time!
This group of women (and quite a few who couldn’t join us that day) is love in action. We have been together as a small group for over two years. The group morphs, as new ones join and others have to step out for a while due to life circumstances. Our backgrounds are diverse. It is quite a journey, and it is never boring!
Peter and I are also part of a mixed group. Besides that, I am blessed to belong to a ministry team of creative women!
Each of these groups has a special role in my life. We bless each other as we sojourn together.
Do you have someone to do life with? If not, what do you think gets in the way?

5 thoughts on “Strong Women Who Rock

  1. Hey Heather, you’re right, they are on the wild side, and hopefully getting fiercer by the day. :)Mom, my dear Anonymous, your HPG inspired me to pursue this group!Hey DD Rebel (sounds like a rap name!)- in all seriousness, I think you are right. Fear of not being accepted, of not being just quite “good” or “right” enough stop us. Make me want to be extra careful with the perceptions we give. Love you!!


  2. The thing that gets in the way is finding people who love and accept you as you are no matter what. I think there’s always a fear about being chastised for one’s differences or diversity.I’m blessed to have people in my life who really, truly love me no matter what.the dunkin donuts rebel 🙂


  3. What a blessing! I’ll have to find a digital photo of our HPG group in Costa Rica. Over ten years together, laughing and crying together, celebrating birthdays, some of which have moved into the 70s and are hale and hearty 8!), burying one in joy, seeing miracles in our families. That is what community is all about.


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