Don’t Miss It

Oreyo (Poodle Which Looks Like a Sheepdog) was taking us for an evening walk to the neighborhood ice cream place and java joint. We were not far from the house, enjoying the perfect weather in the twilight, when Peter reminded us that the shuttle launch was counting down in those very seconds. At the park by our home, we could see two people silhouetted in the dusk, standing and staring north.

Peter insisted they were looking out for the shuttle launch. He insisted we would be able to see it. I was skeptical. We were bantering about that when Ben unexpectedly shouted, “There it is!”

There it was! There was the shuttle, with explosive orange flames propelling it, rising from the northern horizon. It started low in the sky, the elongated burning pushing it higher. My mind immediately thought, “There are people in there! And they’re going to be over China or seeing a sunrise – or something – in an hour or two!!”

We were transfixed. Then the brilliance of the combustion started to weaken. We saw the booster rockets burn out and drop… and the shuttle rise! So fast, so far, so cool, so very – can’t I please go too?!

We didn’t miss it! We didn’t miss it, because our leader had been paying attention to life’s goings-ons that day. We didn’t miss it, because we were at the right place with the right information. We didn’t miss it, because we didn’t listen to me. We especially didn’t miss it, because Ben wasn’t caught up in the discussion – he had his eyes peeled wide open in the twilight, Looking.

God, please help us to Look. We don’t want to miss It.

What is it? It is different for each of us. For me, it is previews of eternity camouflaged in the mundane occurrences of our days. My eyes are wide open, and I’m Looking!

One thought on “Don’t Miss It

  1. WOW Barby. Thanks for this amazing analogy. I just got God-Bumps (cause you and God gave me the bumps, not the goose) :^)I am incorporating this into my prayers:”God, please help us to Look. We don’t want to miss It.”Thanks soooo much!! See you later.Lily


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