Oreyo Sushi Ward Gets a Haircut

Have you learned any new skills, thanks to the economy? I have. A tight money situation presents all kinds of learning opportunities! For example:

  • I am now a formidable exterminator. We waged a war against bedbugs this past summer. I did my research, ordered the chemicals, donned the protective gear and did battle. Weekly spraying for those evil critters, constant washing of comforters and bedding, etc. It went on for weeks. It was discouraging at times, but thanks to encouragement from people like Stephanie, eventually we won!
  • I’m learning to cut my kids’ hair! Easy – just put a bowl on their heads and trim… Just kidding!! Seriously, bought the clippers and have done it a couple of times. Not perfect yet, but getting there.
  • We’re learning to groom our poodle… Tonight was our first time. It took forever because his hairdo is kinda like mine – curly and out of control! It was quite the fun family project. Fun for us, not for Oreyo Sushi Ward.

What new skills are you acquiring in order to creatively stretch your dollars? Any cool money saving tricks you’ve come up with, that you’d like to share?

The “after” – only slightly traumatized!

3 thoughts on “Oreyo Sushi Ward Gets a Haircut

  1. i opted to cut my long locks at supercuts instead of van michael’s on SoBe (didn’t see the point to pay someone $60 to snip the split ends) and i gave up the dunkin donuts coffee every morning and had office coffee instead. makes a big difference. good post.


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