Diving with Crocodiles

On our last trip to South Africa we were given the opportunity to go cage diving with crocodiles.
True to temperament, Linda and I jumped at the chance for some mother-daughter bonding amidst reptilians…

Why? Because we didn’t want to miss doing something so unique! What would you do?

If swimming with reptiles isn’t your secret desire, is there something else you are just itching to try? A wish, hidden inside, that whispers at you, asking for release?

A new skill you want to learn, a long abandoned childhood dream of travel or adventure, a relationship you want to start?

This Christmas I challenge you to be brave. Be brave in a big way. If you’ve been longing for a life change, make it happen.

Here are some bold ideas:

Try out for that local theatre group! Get yourself in gear and actually map out the itinerary for that long-desired trip. Re-establish contact with the person from whom you’ve been estranged. Begin a friendship with an aloof neighbor. Begin a ministry.

Believe in yourself again. Believe in all the potential God has placed inside of you. Believe in the possibilities. It’s not too late.

If you need help being brave, ask God to help you. And share your ideas with us. We would love the privilege of being your cheerleaders!

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