The List – Vote Now!

Here is what we have all been waiting for!

The List
  1. Book reviews (The Shack is the latest)
  2. Family misadventures
  3. Family life, child rearing, etc.
  4. Marriage (next month it’ll be 23 fresh adventurous years!)
  5. Thoughts on class distinctions/inequities
  6. Remembering Simplicity – what really matters?
  7. Hearing the voice of God
  8. Gems and devotionals from Scripture
  9. Our story – a love story started in Chile, carried on to Brazil, nurtured on a ship…
  10. My story. “I was born during the ash rain…”
  11. God’s faithfulness
  12. Ministry challenges – as a couple, as a family, as an individual
  13. Leadership development
  14. Opportunities to help around the world
  15. Race relations
  16. Social justice issues
  17. Women’s issues
  18. Heroes and people making an impact today
  19. Random pictures with simple lessons learned!

These are topics from my Journals. With so many, they might seem scattered – but there is always a common thread. In everything I write, I ask God to help me communicate my Personal Passion Statement (a work in progress). May my writing always encourage others to know and believe:

  • That every human life on this planet, no matter race or creed, is cherished by God.
  • That a life passionately committed to God has explosive potential.
  • That God expects us to use every gift He has given us, by living out these two truths, so we can help fix a broken world.

It’s up to you! Which top three topics from this List are you interested in? (Okay, more than three if you like… and you can add your own!).

8 thoughts on “The List – Vote Now!

  1. Ok, that was a PS because I had posted something earlier, but it seems to have outwitted my posting abilities.Anyway… I vote for 10, 1 and 2, but I find all the topics intriguing. Maybe we can talk about the non-chosen topics over a leisurely breakfast some time soon. 🙂


  2. Hi Amy! Yeah, I’m sure you’ve heard the story too… But I’m always happy to repeat it! Though I’ve never actually written it…Ann Marie, miss you too!! See you soon for sure.


  3. Geez Barby… so many good choices. Definitely #9. Who can resist a love story. And although I’m sure I’ve heard it, I definitely don’t remember details. Always love book reviews. Social Justice issues, people making a difference, hearing God. And of course… family anecdotes (misadventures, whatever).I’ll try to be better about commenting. I always read, but I know it’s nice to get some real feedback!See ya’ soon.


  4. hehe… #9 requested twice so far! Also got requests on facebook for a couple… still thinking about it, but I might just have to start with that one! It’s also easy and fun to write…More opinions?


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