What’s So Bad About Racism?

Peter and I got married only one year after the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act, in his native South Africa, was repealed. Had we married one year earlier, he could have been arrested, on arrival at the airport, for marrying me.
We have thousands of words stored within us when it comes to racism.
Eventually we’ll share more with you. For now, we’ll begin with my three word answer to the question of what is so bad about racism:

Racism misrepresents God.

How do you think it misrepresents God? Does that statement make sense to you?

How would you word your reply to the title question?

5 thoughts on “What’s So Bad About Racism?

  1. agree that racism misrepresents God because God is love and racism by definition is not. what’s so bad about racism? i think it hinders humanity because it prevents diversity. having been on the receiving end of racism, it’s difficult. and sad to say i know presonally know people who are racist which is even more difficult. how do i deal with it? love harder, love better, love patiently, and listen to the whys of people’s ignorance and when i get a split second to explain why it’s unfair i grab the opportunity. i’ve been blessed enough to witness racism die in lives where it once lived, one step at a time…


  2. Hey Arturo, you’re so right. I think sometimes racism is not so much hatred of others that are different, but self-hatred.Heather, it does break God’s heart… I think because it makes people feel/believe that somehow God made a mistake with them, that He places less worth on them, and it alienates them from Him. Especially true when religious leaders are racist, because their opinion carries extra weight with people.Diana, you are such a poet! Who knew? That was beautiful and uplifting.


  3. God created man of different races. He looked at what he created and said it is good.How can we say that it is not?I love the way He created variety.It would be awful boring if every-thing or eveyone were the same. What if flowers were all the same color and shape? A bouquet would not lend itself to be a ray of sunshine. A bouquet of life if we were all the same would lend itself to be robotic. Anyone who does not embrace people of other races and color are truly missing out o part of God’s plan.Diana


  4. Racism represents insecurity, low self esteem, and selfishness. When you are insecure and believe that anybody else is trying to be better than you, you need God in your life, and if God is IN you, you forget about racism.


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