When Harry Met Sally [PB&J 1]

… no, wait, that script’s been written.

Let’s go with When Peter Met Barby.
Don’t mean to be self-indulgent. Several months back, when I ran a list of potential blog posts for my readers, How We Met was the top choice! Now, our daughters can attest that this story could take a year to tell… Never fear, dear reader, we will try to condense.

I was born during the Ash Rain… [I always wanted to start a book that way! I actually was born during the Ash Rain, in Costa Rica. My mother had to keep the coffee picking basket where I slept covered with cloth diapers for months to keep the volcanic ash from falling on me… Already I digress!]

Which is a long way of saying that I was born in Costa Rica, and Peter was born in Capetown, South Africa.

Fast forward past the growing-up adventures and focus on the year 1982. I was living in Santiago, Chile, when I heard of this amazing floating book exhibition that would be visiting Valparaiso. They needed volunteers, and, being the volunteery type, I went for it. I spent two weeks living on board the MV Doulos.

One of my responsibilities was to serve as translator for the ship personnel (which hailed from 45 countries at the time). The leader of one of the land teams, which was heading out to spend a week inland, approached me to go with his group.

I had already committed to another land team, and told him so – apparently in a less than gracious way.

He thought I was a spoiled brat.

His name was Peter.

To be continued.

5 thoughts on “When Harry Met Sally [PB&J 1]

  1. Hey Heather, we all have such cool stories. Hope you’re writing yours down as well…Amy, don’t worry, more is coming! Maybe every other day, just to keep a rhythm.Liisa, you most definitely were!! In the form of the cutest two-year old ever to throw a temper tantrum in the ship’s dining room…lol, j/k


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