[PB&J 2]
My two weeks as a volunteer in Valparaiso passed quickly. Our land teams went well.

Most vivid memory: my team leader, a Brit named Howard, arguing vehemently with a pastor who was chastising some on our team for not raising their hands during worship. He angrily confronted Howard with, “The Bible says ‘make a joyful noise unto the Lord!'” Howard, Scofield Bible in hand, retorted, “The Lord also says, ‘Be still and know that I am God!'”
Classic! My training in church unity had begun. Peter and I still chuckle when we remember that encounter.

Peter! Ah yes, well, the ship sailed away from Chile, headed round Tierra del Fuego, stopped at several ports in Argentina, and eventually made it to Brazil. Peter sailed with it, not thinking much of me, and me not thinking anything of him.

Meanwhile, I applied to join the ship’s all volunteer crew. I could think of nothing more fulfilling than serving people, and the Lord, with this crew from 45 nations… My brother, who’d been a bit of a prodigal, also applied. He was accepted. I, the “faithful one” was rejected!! Wounded pride, wrestling with God, some healing of a spirit of rejection, and several months later – a wonderful letter arrived, inviting me to join the ship in Brasil. Brasil!!

I was 19. The ship Director’s wife and young children picked me up at the airport. They were my new “ship family.” The adventure had begun! I will never forget the feeling of possibility rising in my chest, as I walked up that gangplank in Vitoria.

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