Axioms to Grow Lives By

We are reading Axiom, by Bill Hybels, for our Bloggers Book Study. This is a fun book for many reasons. It is one of those books you can: a – go back to frequently; and b – quote frequently!
If you missed the first couple of days, you can see what Troy Gramling had to say, and Miguel’s insights.

Axiom 17 – ONLY GOD
Had to put this one in caps!! “When God accomplishes activity that no human being could possibly orchestrate, you have to respond somehow.” And no human can take the credit when God stirs hundreds to get baptized, or to give an unusually large offering, or when He exceeds our expectations in every way. ONLY GOD.

Axiom 18 – Plus-Side/Minus-Side
A growing church must be economically sustainable. A key to this is to keep a healthy balance in your hires between plus-side positions (those that tend to generate an increase in offerings) and minus-side positions (those that tend to consume more financial resources).

Axiom 19 – Institutionalize Key Values
Thanksgiving Day is an example of a day that has been created to institutionalize the value of thankfulness. In a church, you should force yourself to honor key values regularly and publicly. This can be an annual day to honor racial inclusiveness, or to focus on the needs of an impoverished world. “What you value in your church must be raised up, taught about, and celebrated on a regular basis.”

Axiom 20 – This Is Church
Are we allowed to have favorites? I have to say, this is one of mine. The point of This Is Church is that there are sacred moments throughout our days, (even for very “high level leaders” i.e., those carrying huge responsibilities), when you get to touch another person’s life in a holy way. God asks you to relax for a moment from your Very Important Responsibilities and pray for a hurting individual, or celebrate a milestone. “Christ said he was going to build ‘His church’ – a community of real people with real, beating hearts that would be attentive to each other and… quick to extend mercy and grace and love.”

Axioms 1-20 in the book are about Vision. Axioms 21-42 are about Teamwork.

Axiom 21 – The Three C’s
When seeking out and hiring new staff members, Hybels uses The Three C’s as his grid for prioritizing people-qualities: Character, Competence, and Chemistry. Only after a person passes the character test will he move on to the competence test. Once that is confirmed as well, it is indispensable that the person have the right chemistry for the team. Otherwise, he does not move ahead with a hire.

Axiom 22 – Never Say Someone’s No for Them
Leaders will ask God for the most qualified and visionary person to fill a role – they make a wish list of the very best person on earth to fill a position. Then, inexplicably, they undermine their own cause by making the assumption that that person will never say “yes” to an offer. But it is important to not limit what God can do in this situation. You need to ask and pursue, and not say “no” for a person by not even asking.

Axiom 23 – First Tested
One of the biggest mistakes any leader can make is putting people in significant leadership roles without first accurately assessing their spiritual depth, relational savvy, ability to work within a team, and ability to handle crises. This creates an insecure leader at a high level, who can in fact cause untold damage. Leaders must first be tested and observed, whether it is through informal activities, traveling together, participation in projects, or even long conversations.

Axiom 24 – DNA Carriers
This may be one of the hardest to quantify, but definitely one of the most important. When a leader assembles a team, he must make sure that they are all full carriers of the DNA of that vision. They can’t merely hire individuals to fulfill tasks. Each must be a vision carrier. “Great leaders take the time to explain to their team what they feel deeply about – what issues they would take a bullet for and why. Then great leaders show their staff members how to live out that DNA.”

I think we can use these, not just in building a ministry or business but, (with a little adaptation) in raising our children as future leaders!! Tomorrow, visit Mo’s blog for more great sayings!

3 thoughts on “Axioms to Grow Lives By

  1. NEVER SAY SOMEONES NO FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!! Hello??? That axiom rings SO honkin true in the Palacios home. Mr Cuban was a successful entreprenuer, living high off the hog. But PT lived out this axiom and got himself an XP who now lives low off the hog…but for the Kingdom!!Great post, friend!


  2. Honestly I chucled after reading Axiom 18 – Plus-Side/Minus-Side. I know that I'm mostly one that consumes, but that's just how production is. We try hard to be wise about when, and how we make purchases.Axiom 20 – This Is Church: Love it!Axiom 22 – Never Say Someone's No for Them: BIG time true. Recently met 2 diff. people that are interested in lighting, I would have never thought they were with out asking and getting to know them, it would have been easy to pass them by.23 and 24 are incredible, especially 24.Great review Barby.Thank you


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