This video shows non-typical behavior in typical South Florida weather! I love sunshowers because often, a rainbow follows. So I encourage my kids to play in the rain… I think it’s good for the mind.

In the spirit of playing in sunshowers, so to speak, I have been thinking about a blog redesign for months. There are four areas about which I am very passionate. Sometimes I feel like I need four different blogs, and end up with a traffic jam in my head – which means nothing gets written! Leadership is probably the one about which I am most passionate. The other three (all dependent on leadership) are family life, women’s issues and of course, missions and social justice. I want to explore each one, and not miss any experiences for my readers or myself.

So, I’ll continue to blog here, but by the end of October (for no reason other than my birthday is in October!) the blog will be entirely different. It will have separate pages/streams for each of the subjects, so you will be able to go straight to your area of interest…

I’m also adding a couple of other fun surprise features! I can’t wait!

Thank you for always checking in. I appreciate you all. Stay tuned, I guarantee you’ll be glad you did!
Now tell me – I really wanna know – do YOU like to play in the rain??

3 thoughts on “Sunshowers

  1. When I was a kid in Costa Rica, my mother allowed us (to the horror of Costa Ricans who believe that you'll get a cold just from walking barefoot in the house) to play in the rain, not just in "sunshowers", but under the real tropical aguaceros, and we would stand under the eaves and get the full impact of that big chorro off the roof. My sisters and I still delight in the memory. And we're alive, all these years later!


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