Secret Crazy Streak

I’m typing on a big clonky Dell laptop, but I feel like I’m cheating on my little Vaio laptop. The Vaio is on life support, working sporadically. It is working today, after refusing to power up for several days. I think it chose to cooperate because my daughter Faith (9) is writing a book, and it appreciates her slender fingers pecking away at the tiny keyboard, fitting it perfectly. The Vaio and Faithy are happy.

I know, I’m a little bonkers. How do you get attached to a computer, and think it has a personality? This bit of nutsiness I inherited from my dad. He’s a photojournalist. His camera has always been named Mencha la Andariega (Mencha the Wanderer). Actually, Mencha was like Lassie, in that there were several of her in succession, all entrusted with the same identity.

Then there was Matilde, my dad’s very old, very noble, Underwood typewriter. He wrote most of his early books and columns on her. My mom’s dad, who ran a gold mine in Costa Rica, gave it to him. My dad was attached to Matilde. Her twin is pictured above.

So you see, such strangeness does run in the family. And I like it! Do you have a little secret crazy streak?

4 thoughts on “Secret Crazy Streak

  1. Lissette, when I was growing up in Costa Rica, people (not my own family, but the Costa Ricans) used to say "que hay que dejar la 'política'". That little bit of food had to be left on the plate to prove you weren't "muerto de hambre", I guess. And I guess the "política" had to do with "politeness", although not from the English word.In my family, however, since my parents were intent on teaching us to eat everything and clean up our plates, I now catch myself eating even after I already feel full, just because I feel it's a waste to leave anything on the plate! I followed the same policy with my kids, although I hope they don't have that same hang-up about having to eat everything when they're not hungry!


  2. Ann, def counts! You're not as sane as you look…Lisette, I think I learned in etiquette class (yes, I really did do that, it's a long story lol) that in upper end restaurants, etc. that is the refined thing to do. So you are destined for magnificent repasts! (had to bust out the expensive word there)


  3. Ann Marie, that counts : ) I never eat all of something. I always leave a little bite, a little corner, or a little at the bottom of a glass. It drove my parents crazy when I was little because they just didn't understand why I couldn't clean off my plate! Now its just one of my quirks!


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