You Want Custom Made?

We all like custom made items. We’ll pay a premium for them. I think we all have a lot more “custom made” in our lives than we realize! It’s been on my mind.

Custom Made Snowflakes
Peter and I celebrated my 21st birthday in Norway. We’d gone for a picnic in the woods, and snowflakes started fluttering down. Peter’s first snowfall! Not just any flakes, though, custom made. They were perfection, like six-pointed stars, and fell on our fingertips like confetti. Magical!

Custom Made People
God brought some very custom made people into my life to teach me leadership. George Verwer taught me to run after ministry “fanatically.” Frank Dietz (my papa Frank) taught me all about fierce and determined leadership (“if the Lord doesn’t go with, we won’t go!”). Mr. and Mrs. Aziel Jones taught me about raising a ministry family.

My first pastor, John Burley, trained me to do home visitations while I was still a teenager. He also taught me how to “just sit and think about God.” (One of my all time favorite concepts and pastimes!). When I was 23 I was the only female sitting on several national pastors’ committees (in a Latin country, nonetheless. Definitely custom made!). I had to time and again boldly go where no woman had gone before, and deal with some pretty intense attitudes!  Etc. etc. etc.!

Custom Made Training
And here we are. For me (confession, I feel ageless!), it has been 29 years in ministry! Yikes. I am soo thankful for the leadership training God took me through early on. He helped Peter and me accomplish some pretty amazing things! I am thrilled about all the on-going adventures we are living.

And, along with our everyday adventures, I am blessed to work with and mentor some younger women. I believe that for each and every person (that would include you!), God designs a custom made training program. What a blessing to watch those we love grow and learn.

Custom You!
So squeeze the last bit of juice out of every adventure you face. (It’s a Spanish saying I love, don’t know if it translates well – “saquele el jugo”). Life is very much custom made.

** Disclaimer – this post triggered by excessive reminiscing associated with a recently celebrated birthday!

3 thoughts on “You Want Custom Made?

  1. I love the disclaimer! 😀 You are so cute!Yes, you and Peter certainly have lived a custom life! And your children have been so lucky to benefit from that, I hope they appreciate it!Although my life until now has been quite ordinary, my hopes for my marriage and future family are for those to be completely custom, unlike any other, on a completely different level, off to wherever God leads us! It has to start somewhere, right? 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing!! I love your perspective. I am definitely looking forward to a custom made adventurous life and pray that I should continue to grow the relationship with my girlfriend like you a Peter have.


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