What I was thinking while at the gym

Here are a couple of the many random thoughts I was thinking while at the gym:

#1 I want my looks to be the last thing that walks in the door with me, because for sure they’ll be the first to leave!
What I mean – depending on looks is so dangerous. Good looks are temporary, at best. (Not claiming to be particularly blessed in that area! Just referring to a preoccupation with image). Your character stays with you always. I rather my integrity and character open doors for me.

#2 Men, love your wives. A lot. It will give them inner beauty.

What I mean – 1st Corinthians 13 says love is patient, kind, not jealous or rude, not willful, not cranky, and doesn’t keep score, among other things. When you love her, you make her feel confident and beautiful. Which has its benefits (some of which you may enjoy).

(Below, footnotes that are longer than the post!)

** Re. the depending on looks thing, that’s deserving of its own post. For sure. Sometime soon. Meanwhile, you can read Ecclesiastes. J/k. (Sort of!). I know some of you will strongly disagree with me on this. Should be an interesting discussion!

** Re. the being loving thing, (this is for all of us) it’s not optional if you’re a Christ-follower. It’s “permission to play” (as Pat Lencioni would say) – the most basic thing in our lives. This is an area of constant struggle for me, but I don’t get to say, “I’m an Irish/Latin blend so I am hot-headed, deal with it!”

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