“A new beginning…” (cue background music)

What’s a road trip without music? I remember one long drive which imprinted our entire marriage because of the music we listened to (although we weren’t yet married). Peter and I had to drive across the Norwegian countryside in the depth of winter. It was his first time driving in snow. The scenery was magical, everything draped in white, sunlight shimmering off the blanketed trees.

We listened to a musical about Joseph, the guy in the Bible who gets betrayed by his jealous brothers, dropped into a nasty hole in the ground then conveniently sold off as a slave (leaving the entire family pretty much traumatized for life!). The musical is called The Dreamer, by The Continentals.

The Dreamer is catchy and clever, and I fell in love with it… Good thing, too, because we have gone through several seasons when figuratively speaking (and sometimes literally)  Joseph’s life has been our soundtrack!

Joseph’s story doesn’t terminate with him wasting away forever in a foreign prison (though he definitely did do some wasting away in prison). Everything that seems designed to destroy him is eventually revealed to be the making of his destiny. Through the injustice he suffers, he saves his family. He saves their bodies from famine by supplying grain. He saves their souls from famine by supplying forgiveness.

Which is why I love Joseph. Sorrow can in fact become sweetness.

One of the songs has been dancing and leaping around in my head all evening… It’s high energy, from the finale, and it says: “A new beginning is beginning to take hold… in-my-life!” [cue dancers with full Chorus]

That pesky Chorus in my head wouldn’t stop, and I decided to activate this new blog and kick them out of my head and into a post. You know it’s been months since I wrote in Cafecito. I backed off blogging because I noticed I was self-censoring. It is one thing to be careful about the power of words – but if I cannot write from the heart, I rather not write at all.

Thankfully, that bit of angst has been dispelled. So here we find ourselves, with a new beginning… [cue dancers with full Chorus]

Another of the songs is titled He Opens a Window. How I love that song! Not just because it’s great theology, I do confess. I love it because in our ship talent show I performed a dance to it. And guess who was the techie running the lights and sound? Yes! None other than Peter. That was the first time he “noticed” noticed me. Which makes it a GREAT song in my book.

Is it time for your new beginning?
I promise you this – He does open new windows, all the time… Look away from the closed door in front of you and around the room your heart inhabits. Notice the light that is streaming in… and enjoy this song.

(PS – I know the video is way old school… if I find a better version I’ll post it… but the truth of Romans 8:28 never gets old…)

6 thoughts on ““A new beginning…” (cue background music)

  1. We stumbled over here by a different website and thought I might check things out.

    I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to going over your web page again.


  2. wordsculpt

    Ladies, thanks for dropping by!
    Melissa, don’t be dissin’ on cassettes! lol… j/k you probably did see that cassette (among several we have!). But you’re right, and I love how you phrased it: humble perseverance through service. People really confuse celebrity (or building a brand) with success.
    Ed – so good to hear from you! As you can see, I still need to learn quite a bit more about WordPress, but it is a beginning. I see your blog continues to make people think (folks, go to his blog, it’s wonderful), and that urbanfaith.com is going strong!


  3. Melissa (Offspring Numero Uno)

    Yep, totally 1980s chic. I’m pretty sure I saw the CASSETTE TAPE at the house recently. I remember listening to this over and over again on road trips as well… I want to say they were ministry trips from Sacramento to LA, yes?

    Anyway, I love the themes of Joseph’s life. Beyond restoration and forgiveness, one of my favorites is humble perseverance through service. Such an important reminder in this day and age of flashy egos and “look-at-me! look-at-me!” mentalities. And it’s everywhere, from politics (spanning oceans, from DC to Geneva) to the pulpit. I think in Joseph’s life we find an interesting example of how to NOT let it rub off on you. If we can process and internalize that lesson, perhaps we stand a chance of truly standing out.

    This reminds me… I really need to read Nelson Mandela’s “Long Walk to Freedom.” Hmm, maybe post-thesis paper…

    Enough of my ramblings. Goodnight, I love you bunches! And goodnight, dear void of cyberspace.


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