Unconfuse Me!

“Please dear Father, unconfuse me!”

That prayer makes me laugh so hard. Especially since it is my own prayer, from September 1980!

Meanwhile, my hubby Peter is mocking me, saying I am probably more confused now than I was back then. He may be right.

The vastness of what I don’t know is more apparent than ever to me. It’s like the ocean: the further in I walk, the deeper it gets, and the more there is for me to explore… It’s an intriguing journey, and I have been blessed to keep track of it in my journals.

I probably have close to 40 journals, dating all the way back to 1980!  They live in a couple of pretty boxes in our room. If there were ever a fire, I’d make sure the kids were alright, then save my journals next…

“Please dear Father, unconfuse me!” is from one of those notebooks.

Do you keep a journal? If you don’t, why not begin one? They are an uplifting way of chronicling your heartaches and victories… and often a timely reminder of how God has stepped into your life.

Oh, and occasionally they make for a good laugh!

4 thoughts on “Unconfuse Me!

  1. leadhership

    i have journals from when I was 8 years old. it’s bittersweet to go back and read them. I really have to be in the right frame of mind. good post. good challenge to us all.


  2. wordsculpt

    Hey Yovanny! Thanks. I know you kept a good journal in Peru… hope you are keeping it up, since you have many more adventures coming!


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