Steve Jobs: Creative or Savvy?

Hey Mac peeps – is Jobs really creative on same level as Mozart – or just a savvy businessman?

Here’s what happened: I was listening to classical music on my drive yesterday morning, and heard the story of Paganini. So many of the masters died penniless, often without recognition in their lifetimes. Or having risen and fallen dramatically.

So I was pondering true creativity when I twittered this question: “Paganini died a pauper. what is it w creative geniuses & money or lack thereof?!! lack of apprciation, $management, priorities, risk tkg??”

Got this response from a Twitter follower: “Steve jobs is pretty darn creative an ain’t a pauper…:)”

My reply: “He’s a good manager of other people’s creativity. I think he’s an innovative businessman, but wouldn’t put him in same categ. as Mozart, Paganini or VanGogh.”

Just chewing on it… What do you think?

(I suppose my questions about artists and their ability to maintain healthy long term relationships will wait for another day! LOL – these posts come from someone who is a poet at heart, comes from a creative family and works with creatives).

2 thoughts on “Steve Jobs: Creative or Savvy?

  1. wordsculpt

    You have a point, Nicole, about what it takes to manage creatives. Perhaps a hybrid? 🙂
    The whole thing makes me think also about what exactly is creativity?

    I also wonder (thinking again about the “masters” – the undisputably great creatives whose work endures for centuries) – is it a prerequisite to be really good at one thing and bad at the others? Although arguable da Vinci was good at many…
    I need to study their lives a bit more.

    And, with technology now, we are able to preserve many many works – whether genius or mediocre – so longevity alone does not determine how creatively great a work is… but now I ramble…


  2. I think creativity takes many different forms. It takes someone truly creative to manage a bunch of creative minds — who are for the most part difficult to be managed as we float about it our own minds. I’m not sure about the Mozart’s of the world, but I believe God knows what we each need and can handle and that has something to do with the money thing. Some are better off without and some with. Some just don’t care, and that’s okay. God has a plan even for us floaty creative people. 🙂


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