The Importance of Listening – Stay in Your Lane

This is kind of silly, but it’s real life… I’m going to let you eavesdrop on a talk Peter and I had recently.

We were walking around the track at Relay for Life, lost in conversation, wondering about a dear friend who has been battling cancer. Peter, as usual, was so involved that he didn’t notice he was slowly crowding me.

“Careful, you’re drifting,” I said to him.

“Are you telling me to stay in my lane?!”  he  jostled me, faking annoyance.

“Yes I am!”  I told him, pushing back.

We laughed, then found ourselves on memory lane.

“Remember when those words saved our lives?”

Flashback: We were on I-80 in California, driving home from San Francisco with some friends. Our young children were home with a babysitter. Peter was driving.

Suddenly tension blanketed the car. We all stared as a vehicle ahead of us  swerved across several lanes, having lost a complete wheel. Cars ahead of us were weaving to avoid crashing. We had to maintain speed, as cars beside us and behind us were still going full throttle. We sat frozen – watching the tire fly sideways straight toward our windshield. We held our breath. Peter held the steering wheel, not turning to the left or to the right.

In a second it was over. The wheel hit our front bumper instead of our windshield, and lodged under our car. We made it safely to the shoulder of the freeway.

Peter told us that, minutes earlier, he had heard these words in his spirit, “Stay in your lane.” Stay in your lane? What could that mean? He had dreamed about that same phrase the night before.

He was thinking about it when the accident happened. He knew immediately to follow the instructions. He kept the car perfectly controlled, resisting the urge to swerve as the wheel was about to hit us – and most likely saved our lives.

It is so important to have a listening heart.

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