My Relationships and Will Smith

Been thinking about a (supposedly) Will Smith quote today: “If you are not with me in my struggle, don’t expect to be with me in my victory.” Pondering. I know those that have stood with us during our strongest challenges. Sometimes fighting aggressively on our behalf, other times just patiently giving us time to grow and learn, still loving despite mistakes, others stepping in with strong arms that give support. Those people I never ever forget – I could name them for you even going back 30 years. My first book will be dedicated to them.

Those that don’t “stand with” – I can think of two types: the ones that hold back support, for reasons known only to them; and the truly painful – the ones that cause or provoke the struggle by doing harm. Ouch. They most definitely have no place in our victory, but there is also no bitterness in my heart toward them. I know my Father works all things together for my good.

But further thinking – what kind of person am I? Have I stood with others in their struggles? I don’t want to be so self-absorbed, vision blurred by my own battles that I don’t do what I can to help others succeed. I have failed somewhat on that front. Lord, help me to have eyes to see – really see. You love your children so proactively. Please help me to do the same.