Walking Dead or Alive

Four burrowing owls Had a nice walk in the park this morning. Three miles or so. With Abba in my headphones. Voulez-Vouz perfect rhythm for walking. I can’t believe how strong an influence music has on my person, although it makes sense, I was a dancer. All I could do to not twirl and leap around the path… A few tennis courts_deicke parkpeople around. Big sky smiling down. A guy with little guys practicing hoops. Family with mini-me’s on playground. A couple on the tennis courts in the park center. Suddenly music got louder. Bunch of guys in the tennis court doing running backflips off the 10 foot high chain link fence; all kinds of people dancing on the bball court and pathways. Spectacular choreography.  Movement, rhythm, craziness, colors, notes… Thank You for the Music.  Little lizards doing their push ups on the benches in the sun unfazed. Burrowing owls overseeing the fun. Sun-showers starting, kissing my cheeks and spotting my sunglasses, and the earth emanating that special smell from when it first starts to drink. Suddenly I Dreamed a Dream piped in (thank you spotify)… Anne Hathaway’s rendering… and the dancing changed and sobered but not in a depressing way, and all the people slowly left with new determination to go fight for good things… And Dancing Queen walked home…

Life without fantasies & dreams = walking dead 


sky_deicke park

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