The world and its terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week

Like many of us this week, I have felt sad because of so much crisis in the world and its nations.

When I think of the beauty of the cultures in this big blue marble, I feel such a blend of love and pain, hopelessness and hope. All I know is I’d rather die from feeling too much than expire on the shelf dusty from disuse. If we are still on this planet it’s to do our best, to love our best and bring peace, which I am fully convinced cannot be brokered, expected or otherwise spread by men and women who do not have it in their own hearts.

So when my fellow humans are hateful toward each other in discussing peace in the Middle East, or the situation at the US/Mexico border, or the value of the unborn and the already grown body,  I look numbly and cannot hear.

The arguments are vapors if while bitterly and hatefully calling for peace and compassion, one can’t forgive one’s husband or wife or love one’s poor neighbor and rich neighbor equally.

Peace on a grand scale cannot happen if it is not first present on the micro-heart scale. This was one of the great lessons papa Mandela taught us. He became a man who was wisely and contagiously peaceful once he found peace in his own heart.

We demand that Jews and Muslims, Russians and Ukrainians, poor and rich, brown and less-brown, privileged and forgotten, men and women find a way to live together magnanimously on a grand political scale, pass legislation that is fair to all, accept all…

Yet in our homes and jobs and worship places and co-ops we are petty and self-interested and unjust and steal and lie and laze… what delusion makes us think that is going to scale up into goodness in the public square of the global village?

My conclusion after such philosophizing and ranting, is that we are not actually helpless.

There is one seemingly tiny insignificant thing we can do–we can try to love well. I think we mustn’t underestimate the power of loving well. You never know who you might impact.

People that have loved me well have helped me become whole. Whole people don’t need to conquer or hate or belittle. That’s all I got. Let’s help each other become whole.

God help us.

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