For You

Yo Creo Que

God looked across the universe wilderness
cities families tribes
he saw the void of you
of Peter, Ramon, Leda, Alba
Bob, Sabeena, Hsiung
Marie Claire, Abdul
Khadija, Abeba, Changying
God surveyed
you became
each became
hope persists

“You’re not an accident,” I said to a friend over coffee the other day. She started to cry. I get why. I used to feel illegitimate in this world. But you really are alive for a purpose. Feel free to email me.

One thought on “For You

  1. I’m doing the ’31 Day Build a Better Blog Challenge’, checking out all the blogs and commentting on them. I’m kind of new to blogging, kind of under construction but Please feel free to check it out and comment. I’m an artist, entrepreneur, Lyme activist, Versativa and Shelf Reliance Consultant with 2 ShitZhu.

    What I really liked about yours was – your inspiring spirit. You made me special. I am going to start using index cards more.


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