Steve Jobs: Creative or Savvy?

Hey Mac peeps – is Jobs really creative on same level as Mozart – or just a savvy businessman?

Here’s what happened: I was listening to classical music on my drive yesterday morning, and heard the story of Paganini. So many of the masters died penniless, often without recognition in their lifetimes. Or having risen and fallen dramatically.

So I was pondering true creativity when I twittered this question: “Paganini died a pauper. what is it w creative geniuses & money or lack thereof?!! lack of apprciation, $management, priorities, risk tkg??”

Got this response from a Twitter follower: “Steve jobs is pretty darn creative an ain’t a pauper…:)”

My reply: “He’s a good manager of other people’s creativity. I think he’s an innovative businessman, but wouldn’t put him in same categ. as Mozart, Paganini or VanGogh.”

Just chewing on it… What do you think?

(I suppose my questions about artists and their ability to maintain healthy long term relationships will wait for another day! LOL – these posts come from someone who is a poet at heart, comes from a creative family and works with creatives).

Feeling Poor? The Deficit

Ben (10 yrs. old) watching the news with us tonight:
“Ah, these people are making me feel so poor! They are talking about 800 billion dollars, then hoping to only spend 400 billion next year, then the lady taking 15 million out of the company [Madoff’s wife] and then the guy [Arizona rancher] is getting sued for 32 million!!”

Us (with some laughter): “Why, how much money do you have?”

Ben (laughing slightly confused): “Six dollars!”

Dad: “But you are doing better than the United States government! The government has a two trillion dollar deficit, and you have a six dollar surplus!”