Head vs. Ceiling (Mud P4)

My head suffered a few knocks as we navigated the back roads. When deep muddy ruts dry, they become major speed bumps. My dad often chose not to slow down much. It was a challenge to quickly and skillfully zig-zag across the dirt, looking for the track which offered least resistance.

We kids were usually in the very back, in one of the two-seaters that faced each other. We would brace ourselves – our feet against the opposite bench, one of our hands between our heads and the ceiling, the other gripping the seatback. You could never predict the sudden jolt that might propel your bottom off the seat and your head into the ceiling!

Some people only just endure rides like that; some people are exhilarated by them. I wonder what the difference is between us? Are those of us that enjoy that just a little bit weird?

Stuck in It (Mud P3)

Have you ever planted yourself ankle deep in mud, behind a jeep which is most seriously stuck, and been told to Push! whilst the driver revs the engine and wills the car loose?

Talk about raining sludge!
Even more stimulating was when we were in convoy, and more than one vehicle got stuck! The drivers would confer, like generals planning an assault.

Those predicaments required teamwork.

Teamwork is often the very best way to get unstuck. Can you think of a time a team helped you out of a sticky place – whether figuratively or literally?

September – Homage to Mud Month (P1)

I like mud. A lot. Don’t ask me why. Maybe because I grew up bouncing around in the back of an old-school Land Rover (the real kind)… way back when. My dad took us to every nook and cranny, every small outpost of Costa Rica, navigating foot-deep ruts made by other intrepid vehicles, or forging our own channels through the soggy, sticky stretches of muck.