YOU – do you like to work with women? Is it easier with men?

So, as you look at yesterday’s blog… what emotions do you feel? In your opinion, was anything I said true?

And what of the video? I know most people don’t have time to watch the video all the way, but you can watch one or two minutes and get the point – it is an old school training video (about 40+ years old), supposedly enlightened for the time. The HR guy in the end comforts the foreman by telling him, “You needed someone, and there was no man available.”

This is a huge subject. Surely we can agree men and women are different. I’ve been thinking about it… and I hope some of you college and twentysomethings give me some thoughts. I wonder how emotionally laden it is for your generation, as opposed to mine (fortysomething) and the generation above me? There’s been an ongoing dialogue in my brain since I finished a book on women in leadership recently. My Fair Lady was on tv Sunday, and watching it further pumped up the volume on those inner voices!

How do you really feel about women? Forget political correctness! Do you prefer male or female friends? Co-workers? With whom would you rather work on a project? What irritates you about women? C’mon Men, you have total immunity in this zone. I promise I will not accuse you of being sexist! (Even if you, like Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady, want to burst into the song, “Why Can’t a Woman, Be More Like a Man?”).
Tell the truth…

The Trouble with Women

Women are so emotion driven, aren’t they? Generally tossed around by circumstances, especially because they tend to feel for others? Aren’t men less complicated?

Come on, don’t some of you secretly feel like the foreman in the video below? And gals, don’t we once in a while think maybe it would be easier to work with men, to avoid the cattiness?
HR Manager: “What’s wrong with her?”
Foreman: “Well, she’s a woman isn’t she?”

Hopefully I have made someone confused and/or mad by this post.
We’ll talk some more about the trouble with women in the next few days…