Love Notes

This landed on my computer a few minutes ago.

It says, “Note: Dear Mom, I hope you feel better and get well soon. From, Ben.”

It’s a love note from Ben. Actually, it’s a Love Note from God, through Ben!

Love Notes can come through a friend, a stranger, through words or pictures or sounds…

Has God sent you a Love Note today?

Did you recognize it?

Follow the Nudge

So Saturday morning I’m staring aimlessly (I find aimless staring to be therapeutic) at my backyard. Suddenly I focus on one of the two papaya trees. It has the most beautiful, plentiful fruit. It is leaning, looking like this tree on the left.

I get this nudge, this feeling (okay, maybe it was glaringly obvious) – “mental note: prop it up, TODAY.

“Yes,” I reply to myself. “I’ll do it now.”


Now I have this in my kitchen –
more than 130 green or semi-ripe papayas!

Friends, one of the several lessons to glean from my self-inflicted dilemma:

When something is producing a lot of fruit, it needs a lot of support.
If you want the fruit, give the support.

And when you feel a nudge, an obvious prompt,

Timing is everything.
What prompting have you been ignoring lately?