Finally Fruit!

What for me started as little seedlings have now become satisfying mouth fulls of juicy vitamin packed fruit. This plateful of papaya took a bit of work, and a lot of vigilance against pesky hungry squirrels and other critters.

Life is just like that. Okay, so this may be the most childlike application possible, but it is also the most relevant for us! If you want to reap delicious fruit, you have to work and be very vigilant against the pests that want to take the fruit from you. Every single day.

For me those thieves can be worry, procrastination, fear of what others think…
What about you? What is trying to distract you from your harvest and your dreams?

Follow the Nudge

So Saturday morning I’m staring aimlessly (I find aimless staring to be therapeutic) at my backyard. Suddenly I focus on one of the two papaya trees. It has the most beautiful, plentiful fruit. It is leaning, looking like this tree on the left.

I get this nudge, this feeling (okay, maybe it was glaringly obvious) – “mental note: prop it up, TODAY.

“Yes,” I reply to myself. “I’ll do it now.”


Now I have this in my kitchen –
more than 130 green or semi-ripe papayas!

Friends, one of the several lessons to glean from my self-inflicted dilemma:

When something is producing a lot of fruit, it needs a lot of support.
If you want the fruit, give the support.

And when you feel a nudge, an obvious prompt,

Timing is everything.
What prompting have you been ignoring lately?

Heart Maggots

I love love LOVE to grow things! So… my friend Michele gave me some papaya seedlings, and voila! That’s one of our two papaya trees.

Problem is, fruit wasps love to plant their eggs deep inside the flesh, when the fruit is still small. Maggots grow unseen in the belly of the fruit, and you don’t discover them until you slice them open to eat the fruit…

IF you inspect the fruit, you can see the tiny puncture whereby the pests inserted the eggs. I go out periodically and check on them… but, once the wasp has snuck in, it is already too late.

All I can do is get rid of the rotten fruit, so the maggots don’t grow to adulthood and continue the cycle.

Got any maggots inside you? What I mean is – have any little pests snuck up and managed to inject bitterness, anger, fear, discouragement, self-loathing or any other debilitating worm in your heart? I sure have to keep an eye on my own heart. Let’s pluck that fruit early, and chuck it far far away!

(PS any actual papaya experts out there who have advice on getting rid of the wasps, let me know! Brasileiros, help me out!).