Da Vinci Notebook

I came across this quote from Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks. Da Vinci was a genius. He started life in a simple way, as the illegitimate son of a peasant woman and a notary. He painted the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and many other works of art.

But above all he was an astounding thinker. He is responsible for advances in architecture, botany, engineering, science, mathematics, anatomy… and more. This is what he said:

While I thought I was learning to live,
I have been learning how to die.

Hmm. I am going to be chewing on that one for a while. What do you think he meant?

It’s a Secret…

Or is it a $ecret? This sign on a grassy street corner at a busy intersection in a non-descript part of town arrested my attention. It’s incongruous! The “Secret” is all about success attracting success, isn’t it? So why would a practitioner of this philosophy have to use a cheap cheesy sign to attract – wait, attract what? Buyers? Hmm. Could that be how the money rolls in?

I’m just asking…

Or do I just not get it?